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Dr. Jesús C. Rangel Rachadell

Born in 1962 in the city of Trujillo, Venezuela. He attended Andrés Bello Catholic University for Law School, and upon his graduation in 1986 attended grad school for a degree in Administrative Law from the Central University of Venezuela.

In teaching, he has performed as an undergraduate and graduate professor at the School of Public Health and as professor of Contestation of Electoral Actas at the Faculty of Judicial Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela.

In his professional practice, he was worked as a counselor of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, Judicial Consultant of Cavelba Casa de Bolsa (Caracas) and partner at Rachadell, Rangel & Moreno.

Dr. Jesús C. Rangel Rachadell

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Rachadell, Rangel & Moreno – Abogados
Edificio Pasaje La Concordia, Piso 4, Avenida Francisco Solano López, Las Delicias, Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela