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Dr. Manuel Rachadell

Born in 1942 in Guárico state, in San Juan de los Morros. Attended the Central University of Venezuela, where he graduated as a Lawyer in 1965 and obtained a doctoral degree in 1965. In 1969 he obtained a doctoral degree in Public Law and Political Sciences from the University of Paris.

He has had a long and distinguished career in teaching at the Cental University of Venezuela as Professor of Electoral Legislation, Professor of Administrative Law, Chair of Public Finances, graduate school Professor of Administrative Law, Chief of the Department of Public Administration of the School of Political Studies, Professor of Public Law at Andrés Bello Catholic University and Director of the National School of Public Administration.

He has held several positions during his professional career, including Judicial Consultant of CORDIPLAN, Judicial Consultant of the National Universities Council, President of the Latin-American Center of Development Administration (CLAD), consultant of the World Bank and of the United Nations Development Programme, and Judicial Consultant of the Supreme Electoral Council.

He is partner of Rachadell, Rangel & Moreno and author of several publications, articles and books.

Dr. Manuel Rachadell

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Rachadell, Rangel & Moreno – Abogados
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